Yesterday, Isabella, Dean, and I were able to spend the day together.  We dropped off my parents at the airport and then proceeded to run a few errands.  One such errand took us to Buffalo Exchange where the Halloween decor was in full force.

As we waited for the clerk to pass judgment look through my clothes and decide which ones to buy, Isabella became fascinated with the various arachnids scattered throughout the store.  She was very curious as to why they would choose to decorate with spiders, so I explained that it isn’t uncommon for stores to start promoting holidays that are months away.  She thought that was silly since Halloween isn’t for another two months, but clearly the overall message was not lost on her as she began to worry about what she, brother, Mommy and Daddy were going to be for Halloween.

When we got home, Halloween costumes were still on the forefront of her mind, so we decided to play Halloween for a bit.  We, of course, could not leave Dean out of the fun!  Isabella had a blast, while Dean did not appreciate being stuffed into a costume that while for 6-9 months is quickly becoming too small.  He did, however, like being held by his big sister and may have tried to nurse her before falling asleep still decked out as a vegetable.

Good heavens; they are cute kids!

2 Responses to “Princess and the Peapod”
  1. melissa says:

    Very cute! WE haven’t even started talking about Halloween yet but we need to before too much longer. I’m afraid it’s going to sneak up on us!

  2. Bri says:

    I love that Dean tried to nurse her! Ryan starting nursing his doll, “nugget” yesterday on his side too. Good times.

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