Dear Santa Claus,

How have you been?  Did you have a good summer?  How are your wisemen?  How is your sleigh?  Is it good?  Is it broken?  Did you have a good cookie?

I’ve been good…extra good!  I love my mommy and daddy.  I love them so much that I gave them my only son, a baby.  He’s been born. The angels named him Deano. He was born when mommy went to the doctor.

Do you have stairs at your house?  How about your momma?

Did it rain at your house?  I’m going to see my Grams and Sir. Grams and Sir have snow at their house, so I get to play in it!

Will you bring me a little bit of presents?  I want a big car.  I’m making a Christmas tree for you.  We are running out of orange juice, so please get us orange juice.  I’m going to see Jesus; Jesus, please!

We have cookies for you.  We will hide them today so you can find them tomorrow.



2 Responses to “Isabella’s Letter to Santa”
  1. Bri says:

    Why does Santa have a freaky puppet? And where is Deano?
    Love the letter, Ryan has similar rantings, but no interest in Santa. We will perpetuate that rumor next year.

  2. Melissa says:

    Every time I see this picture it makes me happy/terrified…

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