ПодаръциIt’s been a while since I’ve given any sort of update about the happenings in the Woolsey household, and by update with us I really mean the kids.  No one cares about good old mom and dad.  (We are fine, but more than ready for the school year to end, by the way.)

The kids…where to start?  

 Dean is 11 months going on destroyer of the earth.  Seriously, seriously…I know boys are rough adn tumble and into everything, but this kid is nonstop.  Just the other day he crawled on top of Isabella’s princess car in order to attempt to thrust a foot onto the couch arm so as to climb to new heights.  If the child is attemtping this now it’s only a matter of time before I go out back to find him scaling the wall.

No cabinet is safe at this point.  If there is something dangerous (razor) or poisonous (cleaning products) he is sure to unearth them and shove them in his piehole because everything must first passs the “Is this some manner of food?” test before he can move on to the next in a series of lifethreatening curiousities.

He has mastered the art of climbing the stairs and as of a day ago the tumble back down.  Much to his credit he has taken to heart every boys are tough talk we’ve had with him as he did not so much as make a peep as he fell end over end culminating in a scull crushing smack into the landing wall.

He says “Dadda and Dad” as well as “Momma”.  He is a big “talker” like his sister and is more than willing to go toe to toe with her in the who can talk the loudest contests they seem to have every afternoon on the drive home.

Besides his near obsession with me, his sister is probably his favorite person in the entire universe.  She makes him laugh just by walking into a room and if he hears her voice he immediately starts squealing and kicking his feet.  if you happen to be holding him at the time the death grip must come out or he will literally leap from your arms in order to speed crawl to her for surely she must be about to do the coolest thing of all time.

Dean is such a pleasant boy.  He is nearly almost always happy.  He cries when he is hungry or needs a little bit of mom time.  Beyond that he is content to crawl around looking for the next bit of trouble he can get into or cause!

Isabella is 3 1/2 going on 16.  Three is such a sassy age, isn’t it?  She’s more than mastered the sigh of discontent and the eye roll as well as the disgusted tone when talking to her father or me.  Just the other day she came downstairs, sighed deeply and dramatically and pronounced, “I cannot believe this is my life.”  Oh the troubles she has known…

The kid is smart as a whip.  I know every parent thinks that of their kid, but as a teacher I can tell you that simply is not the case, some kids are just plain dumb.  You know it’s true, you encounter them every day, some people just aren’t willing to admit it.  This kid, though, is scary smart.  It’s still not clear if she will use it for evil or good…keep us in your prayers.  She knows all her letters, knows the sounds they make and a million words that begin with each letter or contain the sounds they make.  She writes her name and spells both Izzy and Isabella with ease.  She knows Bible verse

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  1. shannon says:

    So glad to see an update! Sounds like you have your hands full but sounds like fun :)

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